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Helping pastors and ministry leaders create websites to share the Word of God and give Him glory.

Free one page guide reveals 5 ways to use technology to proclaim truth from the Word of God.

Why The Online Harvest?

Help Pastors Start A Website

The Online Harvest is here to help 100 pastors start a website. In the day an age we live in, it is vital to reach people in every medium possible, without compromise. We want to help pastors use technology to proclaim the Gospel truth!

Share The Word Of God

We believe the Word of God will not return void. It is with this hope that we want to share the Word of God in every place possible, including the internet. We want to help pastors share what God has given them to a lost and dying world so people might be saved.

Give God Glory

Everything we do should be for the glory of God. The devil is using the internet to spread sin and influence people for evil. We want to use the internet to point people Christ and give Him the glory due His name. Join us in our mission of using techonology for truth.

Recent Posts And Podcast Episodes

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Do you want to be a leader that makes a difference? Learn the three areas in which online leaders go so they can develop their audience and make a difference.

Pastor Montoya & Family

Pastor Montoya & Family

About The Online Harvest

My name is Estevan Montoya, and I am the pastor of Mountain View Baptist Church in Taos, NM. By the Grace of God, I have been able to use the internet to spread the Gospel across the world…all while planting a church. I want to help 100 pastors start using the internet to preach the Word of God. I understand the importance of the local church, and this is not a way to “replace” the local church. Rather, the internet can be used to strengthen your local church, if done correctly.

I have a blog and podcast on Plea For Power. I also make Gospel tracts for churches at Invitation.Church. You can learn more about me and our ministry on my homepaage:

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5 ways to use the technology to preach truth.

Learn how pastors and ministry leaders can use the internet to share the Word of God.

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