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Estevan MontoyaMy Name Is Estevan Montoya I Want To Give You A Free Four Day Audio Series That Reveals Biblical Methods For Building An Online Business:

  • The Biblical Business Mindset
  • Find A Burden And Make A Blessing
  • Turn Your Passion To Profits
  • Meet Needs Online – Make Money Online
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New Beginnings & Why I Haven’t Posted

I want to first of all thank the faithful readers and listeners of The Online Harvest. I have not posted any form of content since October 25th. I AM SORRY! The past few months have been full of ministry and family because of the holidays. Now I am getting our church...

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5 Leadership Traits You Need As A Christian Business Owner

Have you ever met a business owner that seemed to…well…not have it all together? I mean, they are great at their craft, but there business skills are not that great. I’m not trying to be mean, but we’ve all meet them at some point. What was...

Our Message For You

This podcast helps me to remember to be still and ask God for input & inspires me to continue to do business in a way that will make Him proud.

Stacie Humpherys: Caboose Spices

I have become a more confident online business owner and have learned so much from him. Estevan is a very valuable asset to my business.

Monica Weaver: Add A Little Dazzle