[Podcast 005] 4 Basic Internet Marketing Methods For Christians

Internet Marketing For Christians

In today’s podcast, I discuss how to make money in Affiliate Marketing. You will learn what affiliate marketing is and where to find places find affiliates you could promote. Just in case you missed is, we have another Podcast that teaches the 4 Basic Internet Marketing Methods For Christians.

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I will continue to use this particular format to give listeners a dependable structure. After listening to a video on Podcasting in a internet marketing mastermind group that I am a part of, I was convinced that I need to be more predictable. This will help people know what they are getting into and will also build a sense of trust, since they can count on this structure.

Here is an outline of the show, in case you want to know what the points are before listening:

Biblical Business Principle

Proverbs 22:29: Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

4 Basic Internet Marketing Methods For Christians

  1. Affiliate Marketing 
  2. E-Commerce Website
  3. Service Based Business
  4. Information Product Business

Recommended Product From Quick Tip

Eleven2 Webhosting – http://bit.ly/da-e2

I use this webhosting company for all my personal business websites. It is great! They have good customer support 24/7, so you could get help no matter when you need it. The back end is simple, which makes it great for first time Christian Internet Marketers just getting started in the Internet Marketing world. In spite of the ease of use, it has many advanced features for those that wish to take their business and website to the next level. By far, this has become my favorite web!

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