5 Online Entrepreneurs That Will Help You

5 Online Entrepreneurs That HelpMy journey in learning from online entrepreneurs has had many ups and downs. Over the last few years, I would have most likely quit if it were not some bold and informative internet marketers that helped teach and inspired me. Maybe you are getting started as a Christian entrepreneur or you are well into the game of online business. Either way, I want to recognize these individuals for their success and inspiration.

Please note, only Leslie Samuel is a Christian. I have learned from all of these individuals, but I do not agree in matters of spiritual philosophy and lifestyle.

5 Online Entrepreneurs That Helped Me

Michael Dunlop of Income Diary

Online Entrepreneurs - Michael DunlopWhen I first got started in online business, Michael Dunlop was the first person I found that I felt I could learn from and not be scammed into some shady business. At the time, he was getting started in Retire@21, a site dedicated toward young entrepreneurs. Though I was older than him, I felt that he knew his stuff and was worth learning from.

Several months later, he launched Income Diary. It was amazing. He basically opened the back end to everything he did, which allowed him to become so successful. He is looked at as an authority when it comes to just about everything involved in blogging for income.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

Online Entrepreneurs - Pat FlynnNext in line for online entrepreneurs is a really successful, Pat Flynn. Upon reading an interview from Income Diary, I was introduced to Pat Flynn. His website, Smart Passive Income (SPI) is a huge success. Again, I felt like I could trust the advice given from SPI.

Prior to finding SPI, I hardly ever listened to podcasts. Now, my website has it’s very own podcast. Thanks to Pat Flynn, I have learned many techniques and received a LOT of inspiration. Pat Flynn is known for his statement “Be Everywhere“, and he practices what he preaches. You can find him on Youtube, iTunes, & Facebook.

Leslie Samuel of Become A Blogger

Online Entrepreneurs - Leslie SamuelAfter listening to Pat Flynn and his podcast, I stumbled upon an interview he did with Leslie Samuel. I remember hearing him for the first time, and I all I  think was “this guy must be the happiest person I’ve heard on a podcast”. Like I mentioned in the note above, Leslie Samuel is a Christian. He is not ashamed of it either. In fact, his article “Where in the World are the Christian Internet Marketers?” is what inspired me to start this blog.

I owe a lot to Leslie Samuel. The thing is, I don’t even know him personally. In fact, I found him after I was well on my path to internet marketing, so I really did learn from him. Then why do I look up to him so much? Because he is the only Christian I know of in this realm of Internet Marketing.

Tim Conley of The Foolish Adventure

Online Entrepreneurs - Tim ConleyTim Conley is simply one of the MOST informative online entrepreneurs I have followed. Again, I found Tim Conley like the other online entrepreneurs, by interviews from Pat Flynn. It was in the Summer Marketing Mashup where four major internet marketing website owners discussed different topics about online business.

I have learned a lot from Tim Conley in regard to reaching my target audience and the mindset of those I am trying to reach. What makes him even greater is the fact that he is the first IM guy to actually reply to a comment I left on a post from his website. When you listen to his podcast, The Foolish Adventure, you will learn and take action.

Dan & Ian of Lifestyle Business Podcast

Online Entrepreneurs - Lifestyle Business PodcastLast, but not least, I have  the Lifestyle Business Podcast, which is operated by Dan & Ian. I found these guys through the same Summer Marketing Mashup. Their podcast has some of the greatest tips one can find for online businesses.

Also, Dan operates a private “Facebook like” forum known as the Dynamite Circle. I was privileged to become part of this group a few months ago. The lessons I have learned from reading the posts have taught me more that one could imagine. There is sooooo much to be learned in our game of internet marketing. The Dynamite Circle has opened doors to this site like never before!

Conclusion – What Sets These Online Entrepreneurs Apart From Others?

It is the fact that they Meet Needs. Like I mentioned in my previous post, if you are not helping people, you will not be successful. The reason these guys are able to have such an influence, make a TON of money, and become industry leaders is because they understand that you must help people. If your online business is not about helping people, it will not prosper. If your online business is only around to meet your needs, it will not succeed. We must learn, that in order to succeed, we must Meet Needs.




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