Case Study: WordPress Blog Goes From 1000 Total Hits To Over 7000 Unique Hits In 4 Months

WordPress SEO GuideI have a blog for pastors and preachers. It has always had decent content, but in the past 4 months, it went from total 1000 hits (including return visitors and 2 years) to passing over 7000 unique visitors in 4 months.

Please note, this is a brief guide that I wrote for a private Internet Marketing community I am a part of. There may be terms used that are hard to grasp. Don’t worry, I am planning on a deeper series in the next few weeks. This will be an outline for the future guide I plan on writing, so stay tuned

I am not an expert on traffic, but I do believe I have learned something that can be a help to bloggers.

This is what I do every month:

  • Write 2-3 articles that are at least 1000 words
  • Research article theme in analytics and keyword tool
  • Promote articles on FB, G+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, & LinkedIn
  • Maintain relationships with readers via my personal FB account, FB fanpage, and my new FB group, as well as friends on G+
  • I ALWAYS WRITE TO HELP MY READERS, NOT MYSELF (This is my hobby horse…Meet Needs!)

Here is a basic run down as to what I tweeked and worked on in the actual site.

On Site SEO

I made sure I had sitemaps submitted to webmaster tools in both google and bing. I also got my blog listed in blog directories like technorati. I use Yoasts WordPress SEO plugin for my sitemap as well as post/page optimization.

My homepage title is a key phrase. I have description with 2 key phrases. Each post has the keywords in the title, slug, description, and content (h tags and in paragraphs).

I made list posts every 5th post. I continually link back to previous posts for deep links. I write posts in series. For instance, I’ll write 3 or 4 posts on a particular topic. Each post builds upon the previous one. When I have completed a series of posts, I link to every post like a table of contents.

I hacked my theme to make sure my post titles are h1 tags. My actual home page has no h1 tags. Each post title on the home page is h2. Not sure why, but it works. It doesn’t seem over optimized.

Also, I optimized my highest traffic posts. For instance, I have a post that gets about 40% of my traffic. In that post, I linked to other similar posts. The links are anchored in the actual content. Since this post brings in over 1000 hits each month, I try to get people on to other pages, which lowers the bounce rate. Also, I have Popup Domination loading on the 2nd viewed page.

Off Site SEO

As far as off site seo, I use to submit my sites to directories. I made sure I was in the following search engines: Google, Bing, DMOZ, Jayde, Entire Web, & ExactSeek.

After every article I write, I promote on FB, Twitter, G+, StumbleUpon, & LinkedIn. I have many friends and connections that would be interested in my content (it’s Bible based for Christians). I ask people to share the post from the media as well.

On my fan page, I reposted status’s from other pages that are in the same niche. Eventually, those pages recognized me and started promoting me. This opened up my level of influence.

Other Tips

As far as actual content. I write for my readers first, then optimize after. I look into my analytics to see what keywords are bringing traffic and then I use the keyword tool to come up with more ideas for content. I write around a central keyword, but I use the keyword tool for random long tail keywords throughout the article. Again, the main image for the post is named after my exact keyword, as well as it’s alt and title tag.

I also asked people to something like this on the bottom of every post:

Please share this post by clicking on the social media links below. Also, If you would like to receive more articles like this, then sign up in the form below. You will be sent an email stating when new revival articles are posted here on Plea For Power.

I do have people optin every time I post.

I have yet to monetize this site. I have a Christian based form of Adwords, but I’ve only made about $1 in a month. I am going to write an e-book for my niche that I hope brings in revenue. That’s next on the agenda.

I may only write 2 articles each month, but they are articles that become helpful and meet the needs of my readers. They are also articles that can be used for its content in 10 years.

I hope this helps you see under the hood. Don’t forget to share this article and signup for the newsletter.


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