So, How Do People REALLY Make Money Online?

Make Money OnlineThis is a question I get asked often, “How do you make money online?” This is a question that seems to be a hot topic. There are many ways people make money online. Some ways are not very ethical, while other ways are extremely honest and full of integrity.

To start off, let me say, it’s not as easy as it looks. There are people out there that teach the following makes tons of cash:

  • View my site
  • Get excited
  • Join my team
  • Get a carbon copy website
  • Tons of $$$ flows in…

I wish it were that easy. Yet, I know for a fact that it’s not! How do I know? Because I have fallen prey to several of these types of “businesses”. In fact let me give you a few things that making money online is NOT:

It’s not a matter of just buying a website

I know have seen these people out there that basically teach that all you need is website, a few adsense slots, maybe 10 articles from fiverr and BAM! You have a cash generating website.

I hate to bust your bubble, but that kind of website no longer works. Well, it may work for a while, but it will not generate enough income to provide for your family. Eventually, it will disappear in the sea of forgotten websites.

So, am I against outsourcing articles, adsense, and niche sites? NOPE! Just keep reading to learn.

It’s not just getting an affiliate link

You are probably thinking “please don’t bash my affiliate links!” I am not bashing affiliate marketing. In fact, I am a big advocate of affiliate marketing. What I am saying is that just signing up for a few affiliate programs and sending your links everywhere will not create an online business.

Yet, there are people out there that make it sound that simple. Really, it takes work to learn how to use affiliate marketing as a source of income. Keep reading and you’ll see what I am getting at.

It’s not just bugging your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ friends

I know you have seen this. You have that one friend that only posts about their “business”. Every post they make is trying to get people to buy. Can I tell you something? People are tired of your continual ads.

As Mike Dillard put it:

People hate being sold, but they love to buy

I am not against using social media to build your business, but there is a better way to do it. So stop bugging people

It’s not joining my team

So, I have this great opportunity. It’s not for everyone, but you seem like a good fit. I am part of a team that helps people create residual income…

Have you heard those lines before? I have. And to be honest, I am not against those companies. In fact, I still purchase XS energy drinks from the “KING” of MLM businesses. Yet, to be honest, that is not how people make money online.

So, how do people really make money online?

I have studied some of the great “Guru’s” out there. These people are basically making an income that is HUGE. It’s all from the internet. Let me say this about them, they are making an HONEST income online. In fact, my simple guide about the 4 ways people to make money online is the result of studying these individuals. They specialize in:

Yet, while they use these tools to achieve wealth, it is not the tools that help them make money online. In fact, if you study online entrepreneurs, you will find that they don’t push those methods onto you, while still using those methods. Kinda confusing?

Well, they also understand the principle of Meeting Needs. Still, there is also another combination they use to truly create an online business using the “Meet Needs” Method:

passion to profit

They found something loved doing. Next, they found a NEED in the market that could be filled by using their passion. They set out to help people meet that need by using an online business. This created their funnel that allows them to make money online.

With this simple illustration, let me ask you a few questions?

  • Do you have an interest that people could can learn from?
  • Regarding that interest, is there a need people have that can be filled with your knowlegde?
  • Are you willing to put yourself out there to help people?

These are questions online entrepreneurs ask before they set out to create an online business. Yes, they use websites, affiliate marketing, social media, and a team effort; but those things in themselves will not work alone. They must be focused online helping people meet needs.

So, is your online business meeting needs? Will your idea and passion help people? If not, then you will have a hard time creating an online income.

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